It’s been with you since the beginning. It gave you the reassurance that you did indeed have students registered for the upcoming semester. It kept you sane when you needed a little organization. And sometimes, it was just nice to hold.

But it’s time to retire the clipboard for good.

In our digital world, most businesses already know that a software program is the best path for the backend of business management. But not all dance studio owners know how important it is to move registration online as well. Instead, they’re still hanging on to that old analog clipboard for registration week. 

Well, we’re here to give you five good reasons you should upgrade your registration process to an online platform:

1. Meets Customer Expectations

Parents have grown accustomed to the convenience of doing everything online, from checking their children’s grades to making their kids’ doctor’s appointments. As they run from errand to extracurricular activity, the parents of your dance students make decisions based on what works with their on-the-go lifestyle. Understanding and meeting the parents’ expectations is critical for the success of your dance studio.  

Maybe parents don’t have time to run by your studio during the registration window. Perhaps they need to make a payment during your closed hours. Or they want to discuss class options that evening at home as a family. Whatever the case, parents expect an online registration option. If you don’t have one, they may take their business to a dance studio that does.

2. Saves Your Staff Time

A lot of time is wasted in administrative work. By moving your registration process online, you can save yourself and your staff the headache and heartache of wasted time. Imagine: No more hunting down paperwork. No more sitting at an idle registration table. No more awkward phone calls about incorrect sign-ups. Just time spent on what matters most.

How much time could you save if everything was handled automatically and online? What could you and your staff do with that time instead?

3. Saves You Money

In addition to time investments, there’s an actual financial cost to manual and handwritten registration. Think of all the staff hours you have to pay for someone to run a registration table or stay late to compile and correct registrations. Or every time you have to refund an incorrect registration. Moving your registration online can help cut those costs that eat away at your bottom line. 

4. Perfects Your Cash Flow

Ask anyone with their own business and they’ll tell you: healthy cash flow is a top priority. And yet, it can be a challenge to perfect. According to a recent study, “82 percent of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow management.” And when it comes to collecting payments, Fundbox calculated that U.S. small businesses are owed $825 billion in unpaid invoices–or $84,000 per business!

With online registration, customers are unable to complete the registration process without paying, so there’s no possibility of outstanding bills. This eliminates delayed payments (or the “I’ll pay you next week”s), bounced checks, and free-floating cash around the office. Credit cards are verified for funds as you run them, saving you future uncomfortable conversations about missed payments. Online registration also means you can cut out that annoying deposit drop at your bank–one less errand for you! 

5. Clear Parameters for Parents

As we mentioned in our previous post about rules and recommendations, it can be challenging to explain to each parent which classes their child can sign up for…and which they can’t. It often leaves you and your staff in the dreaded place of being the “bad guy.” 

But with online registration, the software acts as the enforcer of your rules and champion of your recommendations. The options are clearly displayed for parents, so they can’t select a wrong choice. They can see what your instructors recommend, without the confusion of unavailable classes. It keeps you, your teaching staff, and parents all on the same page.

Ready to give up the clipboard? Let’s talk about what online registration would look like for your dance studio.