Fall registration is one of the most exciting times of the year! And yet, for some, it can also be the most stress-inducing. 

You put it on your calendar in big block letters months in advance: REGISTRATION! As the weeks go by, you get closer and closer to that ever-important date—the one that will set the tone for the entire year at your dance studio. And you start to wonder, “Am I ready?”

At StudioWorks, we make sure your answer is a confident, “Yes!”

Though we offer a wide range of modules and customizations, here are just three ways we help you breeze through registration week:

We Lower the Opportunity Cost

Imagine this scenario. Olivia’s mom sees there is a tap class on Tuesday and a ballet class on Wednesday, so her mom signs her up and pays the deposit. Unfortunately, Olivia doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications for the Wednesday ballet class; she’ll need to be in the Monday ballet class. Only, she can’t make it to the Monday ballet class, because of late dismissal from school on Mondays. She can take the Tuesday ballet class, but now she needs to find another tap class to take. Olivia’s mom really wants Olivia in ballet, so she agrees to the Tuesday ballet class, and, unable to find a tap class that works with her busy schedule, decides against it and wants a refund.


Now imagine this. Your poor employee spending countless hours on the phone with Olivia’s mom trying to figure out all those details. If it takes your staff member 4 hours to address these issues, and they’re paid $15/hour, that’s $60 lost in the registration transaction.

And that’s just for one student.

In this scenario, you’ve lost money in a sale (the refunded tap class) and you’ve had to waste paid employee hours fixing registration errors. Your registration process is costing you money and time. And the entire headache could have been avoided if, at the outset, the registration software only displayed the classes Olivia was eligible to take.

To ease the opportunity costs of registration, StudioWorks ensures students can only sign up for the classes for which they’re eligible and provides real-time updates for classes, closing them when they’re full. The right students in the right classes, every time.

We Effortlessly Track Payments

One of the ways your studio makes dance accessible to a diverse group of students is through offers and discounts. Yet the way you organize your discounts is unique to you, your studio and your students’ families. It can be a headache trying to keep track of who gets which discounts, when, and for how much.

StudioWorks makes sure all payments are tracked and processed efficiently and correctly. We automatically apply the right discount for the right family at the right time. With StudioWorks, you know your payment policies are being followed without you having to do any math!

Additionally, each class can come with its own set of fees—which can apply to some classes but not others. Our customizations allow you to factor those into the final pricing for parents. No more hassles, headaches or refunds. You can track if you’ve been paid, and paid the correct amount. 

We Parent-Proof Your Class Structure

As studio directors and teachers, you put a good deal of thought into how to develop your programs. You consider carefully which classes should flow into which classes and how students should progress. But sometimes it’s hard to relay that program structure to parents in the middle of the studio hubbub. Understandably, parents can end up feeling a little clueless when it comes to registering for classes online.

With StudioWorks class recommendations, you can show students which classes they can and should be taking—right in their registration process. Not only does this ensure every student follows the program you’ve developed, but it adds to your overall sales in increased sign-ups. Parents won’t have to figure out the flow of classes or programs in the studio. The software will list all the options and rules. It’s a parent-proof way to streamline registration.

With registration week coming up fast, now is a great time to begin a conversation with us about registration solutions for your dance studio. We’d love to help you make it a breeze. 

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