We all have to do it. There’s no getting around it. And it can dramatically affect the productivity and financial stability of your dance studio.

What am I talking about?

Administrative work.

No business can grow and succeed without the undercurrent of administrative work that happens behind the scenes. Whether you’re the owner, director, or manager of your dance studio, you know your business succeeds or fails at the mercy of admin work.

At StudioWorks, we’ve designed registration software powerful enough to handle each of your administrative needs, all through the power of customizations. We know your dance studio is unique, so our software gives you the ability to choose your experience—you get what you need, when you need it. And everything is compiled in one easy-to-use platform.

Administrative details can be a major pain point for many studios. A recent study showed the many ways admin work can limit the success of a business if not handled well. Here are three of the common complaints…and what StudioWorks can do to help. 


Common Complaint 1: Lost Time

Non-administrative employees still spend roughly an entire day each week devoted to administrative work. While some of it’s necessary, much of that time falls under the category of “lost” time. What is that lost time costing you and your studio?

When asked the leading causes of lost time, employees reported the following offenders: 

  • lost documents (79%)
  • lack of up-to-date documents (57%)
  • lack of efficient technology (46%)
  • lack of formal approval (43%)
  • the need to chase down documents (29%)

StudioWorks addresses each of these issues effortlessly. Your studio won’t lose any documents, because all of that information is stored in one secure location. You will be able to check quickly what information is outdated or missing. You can approve and submit everything right there in the software, so no one is chasing down paperwork or waiting for approval. 

All the information on each client is stored in one place, including their invoices, current classes, class history, contact info, and progress reports. With a few clicks, you have a perfect linked digital paper trail of everything that’s happened within one of your dance studio’s families. And all this is done through a software platform customized to your needs. You don’t need to waste time sorting through features that you don’t use.

But that’s just about how lost time affects you. How about your instructors and staff? Employees report having to work late (64%) or on the weekend (49%) due to “office admin not going to plan.” With StudioWorks, you can give your instructors and staff their time back by ensuring the administrative process is flawless. 


Common Complaint 2: Missed Payments

That same study showed that when administrative work went awry, 44% of workers reported they couldn’t get invoices out on time, and 43% reported delayed payments from customers. Administrative work was literally costing the businesses the payments it was due. Can you afford that at your dance studio?

With StudioWorks, anyone in the system, from registration workers to your front desk receptionist, will have continuous access to all the information they need from you. No one will sign up for the wrong classes. No one will pay the wrong amount.  With correct registrations every time, and a software platform that ensures billing, you can count on your payments with confidence.

And when you look up one of your dance families, a notification will alert you if there are unpaid invoices attached to their account, so you won’t go weeks with missing or late payments. Imagine no surprises or delays with your registration billing and payments; just dependable, stable cash flow.


Common Complaint 3: Overwhelming Complexity

So when it comes to registration software, is bigger better? 

According to the study, the answer is no.

When administrative platforms are overly complicated, with too many unnecessary bells and whistles, it can slow your employees and impede productivity. 60% of employees have reported administrative work to be too complex.

The big registration software programs out there can often end up feeling chaotic. There are too many options (dance, karate, yoga, gymnastics, swim, cheer…), with too few customizations. And when it gets too complicated, people start to lose money. 

We want to keep it simple.

We designed StudioWorks for dance studios. That’s it, no one else. We focus on you and build a custom registration platform for your studio. With each new client, we craft a whole new billing module because we know each dance studio has its own method of billing. Managers can turn features on and off for each office worker, depending on their role. And you only pay for the extra add-on features when you need them.

If you need something specific, we will show you how to do it, or we’ll build it for you from scratch! None of the big, complicated registration software programs can offer that kind of support. 


Bringing it all together

Often, when starting a dance studio, owners will take on the burden of administrative work, chasing down invoices, juggling cash flow, completing registrations and progress reports by hand. Owners and managers overwork their brains trying to keep the details straight and remember all the vital business and customer data.

But this soon turns into the wrong kind of compartmentalization. You and your staff end up spread too thin. The lost time, missed payments, and complexity in the administrative work becomes the very thing holding your studio from growing to the next level.

Employees report that “lack of efficient technology” most affected workflow. We’ve designed our efficient technology for you, so you can focus on what really matters. 

You need one program customized to your studio. Get exactly what you need, when you need it. Forget about navigating those bloated one-size-fits-all registration software. And don’t stress about remembering all the administrative details; everything is recorded and consolidated in StudioWorks.

If you’d like a free demo of what customizations would make your administrative work easier, set up a call here.