How about a Champion?

Imagine this scenario:
Two sisters are students at your dance studio. The youngest, Harper, is eight years old and has been dancing since she was four. Currently, she’s eligible for Ballet 2. Her mom logs onto your StudioWorks registration portal to sign her up for fall classes. Because Harper meets the requirements for Ballet 2, her mom won’t be shown the classes she isn’t eligible to take, like Ballet 1 or Ballet 3. This goes for all the classes across the spectrum–no Modern 1, Jazz 1, you get the picture. 
Harper’s mom can see, however, that Harper is eligible to take Jazz 2 and Modern 2. She wasn’t going to consider more than one class for this dance season…but now that she reads them on the screen, she might sign Harper up for another class. It’s a lot easier to feel excited about Harper’s potential classes when she’s not weeding through all the classes that don’t apply to her.
The second student, Harper’s older sister, is Ava. Ava is more advanced, and her mom worries registration will be more complicated for her. But when she logs onto StudioWorks to sign up for Ava’s classes, she notices the software automatically knows what she needs to complete registration. In order for Ava to sign up Pointe, she needs to sign up for Ballet 3 classes three times a week–she can’t finish registration without them. Finally, she notes that Ava’s teacher has given her special permission to take one Ballet 4 class, as long as she takes the other Ballet 3 classes. Ava’s mom was able to quickly sign her up, all without having to read a single complicated registration rule document. StudioWorks made the complicated, uncomplicated.
StudioWorks has dozens of key features and customization we’re going to highlight, but we’re going to begin by looking at rules and recommendations. We’re proud of the way this feature empowers instructors and makes life easier for parents. 

The Rules, A.K.A. Your Enforcer

Rules are necessary for your studio to run efficiently. But nobody likes having to enforce them–it’s awkward and definitely not why you got into this business. StudioWorks can be your enforcer, automatically following your rules during registration. Not only does this ensure your rules are followed, but it frees up you and your staff from those uncomfortable situations with parents who want to be exempted from the rules.
With the StudioWorks customizations, parents can’t complete the registration process unless their registration choices follow your rules. This applies to the levels of classes, the kinds of classes, the frequency of classes, and so on. You can even apply situational rules, like the story above, where Ava could only take Pointe if she was also in Ballet 3.
At StudioWorks, we know your program is unique, and we’ve designed the software to adapt to your needs. You only have to set up the rules once, and they’re enforced until you change them. They can be straightforward or complex—StudioWorks handles them effortlessly.

The Recommendations, A.K.A. Your Champion

One concern with rule-based registration software is that it will be too inflexible or impersonal. Not so with StudioWorks. Though the software follows your rules, you can also add individual per-person recommendations. It’s as simple as instructors using the instructor portal on their phone to give a personal recommendation. And the instructor rules always supersede the generic rules.
Recommendations allow you to shape the dance journey of each student. Are they gifted in one area? Do you see them excelling in a particular discipline? Why not include that in their registration process? You can encourage and empower your students from the get-go, giving those special opportunities to the students who work hard and rise above the norm. StudioWorks can champion your goals and hopes for each student–all through a registration portal.
Would you benefit from a registration software that can be both your Enforcer and your Champion? Sign up for a free StudioWorks demonstration. We’d love to show you how our software can follow your unique rules and recommendations.