Make data-driven decisions without being a “data” person

Every dance studio owner or manager looks for the right tools and resources to best guide their decision making. The people in your studio count on you to lead them well now…and in the future. But we don’t think you need a guru or business savant to help you grow your dance studio. You just need the right software. 

With powerful registration software like StudioWorks, you can get the data you need to make smart, informed decisions for the success of your studio. The right registration software doesn’t merely sustain your studio; it can help grow your studio.

Here’s what registration software can empower you to do:


Redirect your time.

If there’s one truth to owning and operating a dance studio, it’s this: You never have enough time! There’s always more work to be done. If you’re not solving today’s challenges, you’re planning for tomorrow’s hopes and dreams.

The right registration software can save you from the headache of incorrect registrations, missed payments, and wild goose chases for documents. Instead, you can redirect your time and energy to productive activities, like marketing, training staff, and developing your strategy. As a business owner, you don’t just worry about managing and sustaining your studio in the present; you also have to grow and generate sales if you want to still be operating in ten years. Here at StudioWorks, we do what we do so you can focus on what really matters. 


Analyze your efforts.

With a powerful registration platform, you can generate reports with the click of a button. This makes it easier to analyze the health of your studio. You can see the days/classes/instructors that are doing well…and the ones that aren’t. You will be empowered to adapt so your studio always stays ahead. Don’t wait years to discover trends–by then, it will be too late to pivot.

With StudioWorks, every dance studio has access to more than 50 standard reports plus three custom reports of your choosing included in your package. We give you reports that you probably haven’t even considered! Standard reporting includes reports for:

  • Accounting (e.g., “Cash and Check Payments” or “Account Balances by Month”)
  • Attendance (e.g., “Absences by Day of Week”)
  • Enrollment (e.g., “Class Registrations Over Time” or “Students per Level”)
  • Financial (e.g., “Sales Analysis by Class”, “Open Invoices” or “Non-Registration Sales”)
  • Recommendations (e.g., “Students Not Taking Full Recs” or “Progress Report Placement”)
  • Registration (e.g., “Returning Students Not Registered” or “Low Registration Classes”)
  • Sales Reports (e.g., “Merchandise Sales By Month” or “Yearly Costume Sales”)
  • Web Activity (e.g., “Web Registrations By Month” or “Active Users- Top 100″)”

With these easy-to-run reports, you can access the data behind the scenes, without having to be a “data” person. Get the big picture and get the details, all from one program.


Invest in what works.

Armed with these detailed reports, you can invest your resources (income, time, energy, staff, etc.) in what’s working. For example, you’ll be able to confidently answer questions like: Is the winter intensive really worth the expense? Or the summer camp? StudioWorks gives you both the micro and macro view of your dance studio so you can direct your budget toward the highest-growth opportunities. Boost your bottom line with what’s working.


Forecast the future. 

Don’t you wish you had a fortuneteller on staff who could predict what your studio will look like in five years? How about ten years?

While StudioWorks may not be a fortuneteller exactly, it does help you identify trends and predict future outcomes. For example, though you may have good registration in the high-tuition advanced classes right now–generating a fair amount of income–you might be in trouble in 5-7 years if your beginners’ classes currently have low registration. Recruitment and marketing would be required now to ensure you’ll have students in those high-tuition classes for years to come.

Future success is determined by current efforts. With our help, you can observe trends and forecast the results to make the smart, data-driven decisions necessary for your dance studio. When your registration software empowers you to redirect your time, analyze your efforts, invest in what works, and forecast the future, you can do more than sustain your studio–you can actually grow it!

What’s stopping you from growing your business? We’d love to hear from you! Sign up for a free 15-minute introductory call, and we can brainstorm together how a custom-made registration platform can help you grow your dance studio.