Whether you own or manage a dance studio, chances are you’ve thought about using dance studio software at some point (probably on a particularly frustrating day). But, we know it can be hard to decide which things to spend money on and even harder to find the time to research what exactly these programs do and how they would work in your studio.

Let’s start with what exactly dance studio software is. Studio management software gives you a single place to manage your studio’s administrative functions. This includes things like managing class registrations, accepting customer payments, taking attendance, creating progress reports, scheduling classes, and running business reports. The more your studio grows, the more time consuming and stressful these things can become.

With dance studio software many of these processes happen automatically, so your staff has more time to spend building your program, marketing the studio, and teaching classes. Focusing on these important parts of your business instead of spending time on busy work can help your business to grow without having to hire additional staff.

Since you’re experts on running your studio and our specialty is writing helpful software, we work with you to make sure that StudioWorks gives you what you need to run your business the way that you want to run it.

Because each studio is unique and evolved differently, it’s hard to know which of our program features will help you the most. But, we’ve talked to some of our customers and put together a list of the 5 things that they think are the most helpful about StudioWorks.

1. Confidence in Correct Class Registrations

How much time do you and your staff spend registering students for classes, checking that students are taking the right classes, and correcting mistakes made by customers registering online? If you spend a lot of time on this part of your business, you’re definitely not alone. The good thing is that with StudioWorks, checking and correcting registrations becomes a thing of the past.

Our online customer portal allows students to register and pay for classes online from anywhere.  A student signs on and can see only the classes that they are eligible to take in the current session. This list of available classes automatically updates every session so that the classes the student sees online are always current based on the session and the student’s progress.

And since students are only able to register for the classes that they are supposed take, studio staff won’t have to manually check online student registrations, call parents, issue refunds, and re-register students for correct classes. With all this extra time, your staff could spend time recruiting new students, developing programming, or maybe even take the day off.

2. Easy Invoicing and Accounting

Over the years that we’ve been working with dance studios, we’ve definitely learned that dance studio owners are BUSY people. We also know that when things start to get crazy it’s hard to pay attention to every detail. It can be overwhelming to make sure that all accounts are paid in full, that all checks have been deposited and cleared, and all those other details that can result in losing money.

StudioWorks makes it easy to see all open balances on accounts, apply discounts, and identify customers with account issues. Any time that you open up a customer’s account to accept a payment, you can see any unpaid balances so that you can address any issues with the customer as soon as possible. We don’t want you to miss out on money that you’ve earned, so we make it really easy to see and follow up on overdue invoices.

We also know that most studio managers and owners aren’t accountants, so StudioWorks automatically handles all of the accounting as invoices are created and paid in the system. There are even tools that help you reconcile all of your payments, and create a file you can import right into your accounting software.

3. Meaningful Student Recommendations

With StudioWorks, you can quickly and easily create individual class recommendations for your students. The recommendations help create the list of classes, including upper-level and audition only classes, that students can register for on the customer portal and allow students in upper level or audition-only classes to see these recommended classes when they go online to register.

Another cool feature that we’ve added to make your life easier is a way for you to create mandatory class pre-requites. Here’s how it works: if you want a student to register for Ballet 2 in order to also register for Ballet 3, you can set that requirement up in your recommendations so that they can’t complete their registration unless they have signed up for both classes. You can even create individualized rules that require a student to take a certain quantity of pre-requisites in order to register for a class.

The best part is that all of this can be set up in StudioWorks with a few easy clicks and then the student knows exactly what they need to register for when they go online.

4. Efficient Class Attendance & Progress Reports

It’s not only your students that get a smart, new portal to use. StudioWorks also has an employee portal that teachers can use to take attendance in real time on their phone or tablet and have it update immediately in the system. Gone are the days of collecting paper attendance sheets and entering them into Excel. With StudioWorks, you don’t have to do double work and you can quickly see which students are regularly late or have missed classes. (If you REALLY like paper attendance sheets, we do have a way that you can export a pre-filled class attendance sheet to print out, so don’t worry!)

If your studio gives student progress reports, creating them in StudioWorks is just as easy. Instructors can jump on the portal, select their classes, and fill out the report that has been created for that class. With pre-populated fields and prompts, it’s easy to fill out the forms quickly and accurately. Plus, there’s a system in place so that management can approve the progress reports before making them visible to students.

5. Better Business Insights

Probably one of the coolest and most helpful things about using StudioWorks is that you can run reports to show you all kinds of information about your business. You can run reports that show everything from sales analysis by class to which students haven’t registered for classes yet and from customers with open balances to students with birthdays this month. The ability to see all of these reports without having to put in tons of time to get them will help you to better understand and grow your business. If we don’t have all the reports you want, we can work with you to create special custom reports to make sure you have all the information you need.

So, there it is. Those are just 5 of the ways that StudioWorks can help you run a more organized and efficient studio. There are a lot of other cool things that we can do and ways that we can help your business to run more effectively, and trust us, we could talk about it ALL DAY LONG, so count yourself lucky that we limited ourselves to 5.

If you have areas of running your business that you dread, things you think you’re missing, or just some areas that you wish were a little bit easier, give us a call and see if it’s something that we can help you out with.