Lindsay’s dance studio has been in business for 29 years. A mother and daughter operation, they have 100-120 students and 10 teachers. Lindsay knew studio management software was the way of the future and wanted to make the switch (no more paper sign-ups!), but she was intimidated by the process.

Specifically, Lindsay and her mom wanted to be able to offer registration in their “off” hours, give their customers the opportunity to register for classes from the comfort of their homes, and have a long-term record for each client. Most importantly, they wanted a system that was simple and effective.

After attending a conference, they were disheartened by what they saw as their options: big, generic software platforms that slapped “dance” on their offering but didn’t understand their specific needs as a dance studio. Then, they found us at StudioWorks.

Their conversion from their old system to StudioWorks was easy, implemented at a comfortable pace. They’ve had great tutorials and receive immediate support whenever they email or call.

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