Happy New Year!

You’ve reached that time when you look back at everything you’ve accomplished and dream about all the things you hope to do. Whether you’re a dance studio owner or manager, we’re sure you have some sparkling resolutions for your studio in the coming year!

If you’re still gathering your list of resolutions, here are a few that will empower you in 2020:

Organize like never before

Do you feel like you waste time tracking down paperwork? Do the scheduling details make your head spin? Get organized with StudioWorks, the only registration software designed for dance studios. We offer customizable features and modules to help you stay on track.

  • Customized Tuition Calculation means you don’t have to do the math in your head–no need to remember all the equations! And unlike other registration platforms, we design your tuition calculator just for you–no need to limit yourself to a few standard options.
  • Class & Workshop Scheduling means you don’t have to worry about miscommunications or double bookings.
  • Student Recommendations and Progress Reports from instructors means you can quickly access everything in a student’s file whenever a parent asks for it. 
  • Real-Time Accounting means all transactions, invoices, and payments are automatically updated in your software, giving you an easy-to-access digital paper trail.

Set a theme for your studio for the year

One way to head into the new year with purpose is to set an intention or vision for the studio. What theme represents your goals? Once you pick a theme for 2020, be sure to share it with your staff, students, and dance families. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • For the love of dance”
  • “Dance as if no one is watching”
  • “Dance beneath the stars.”
  • “We dance for the world.”
  • “Creating dreams through dance.”
  • “Excellence in every movement.”
  • “Dance is Love, Light, Life.”

We’d love to hear what theme you pick for your studio in 2020!

Make the most of your time

Heading into a new year (and a new decade!), we’re reminded how quickly time passes. Didn’t it seem like we were just starting the 2010s? Make a resolution to invest your time in the things that matter most: your students, your craft, and your business. With powerful registration software, you don’t have to waste any more time correcting registration errors, chasing down payments, or compiling tedious paperwork and reports. Everything is done in one place, saving you precious time and energy.

Express gratitude

Being the owner or manager of a dance studio comes with countless responsibilities. You are constantly running, trying to bring your studio and your students to the next level. But in the middle of all that work, we’ve found it’s helpful to take a mindfulness moment and reflect on something you’re grateful for.

Research shows that those who express gratitude were healthier, “more optimistic and felt better about their lives.” And another study showed that people who expressed gratitude experienced a “huge increase in happiness scores.” Find something to be grateful for and express it!

Get paid

Every year, you promise yourself that you’ll do a better job getting invoices paid. You swear that this year, you’ll get all your parents’ payments in on time. But this is a hard resolution to lock down–you don’t like being the “bad guy.” So why not let your registration software take care of it for you in 2020?

With the StudioWorks registration process, parents are unable to complete registration without providing payment. Our system ensures payments are processed immediately, which means you get to avoid the awkward conversations about missed, late, or bounced payments. You can also send invoices for non-registration payments. This year, get paid the amount you’re owed on time and without error.

Enjoy the journey

Which of your students have been with your studio the longest? Think back to when they started–can you believe how young they were? The students grow up so quickly! In the new year, resolve to enjoy your journey with them. Whether they dance with you for a lifetime, or just a few years, their experience at your dance studio will change their lives forever.


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Schedule a free consultation with us to talk more about how StudioWorks can help you accomplish them in 2020.