With spring break behind you, your studio is more than likely in full recital mode. For many studios that means costumes piled high on your desk, heaps of paperwork, and plenty of tracking down customers to collect all the costume fees.

While we can’t help with the tutus all over your office, using StudioWorks costume management module can decrease the amount of time your staff spends on managing the details of costume assignment and ordering.

Regardless of how your studio structures your recitals or what type of costumes are required, StudioWorks costume management module will help to save a lot of time and stress during recital season. 

StudioWorks Costume Management Module Can Help


Our costume module is fully integrated into the StudioWorks program

Full integration means that you only have to use one program that has all student information in one place. You can assign costumes, create invoices for customers, record payments, and track costume handouts in the same system that you use for all other customer purchases and payments. With everything in one place, tasks like assigning and billing for costumes can be done and tracked quickly while reducing errors.

Easily create, check, and email invoices

Costumes can be assigned for each class as a group. You won’t need to go through each student individually to determine which costumes they need to order.  So, if a student is enrolled in 3 different classes, you can assign a different costume for each class and all 3 costumes will be added to that student’s invoice automatically.

Once costumes have been assigned to each student in a class, all costume orders can be reviewed in one place. If you have a student that needs a different costume than the rest of the class, you can easily override the costume assignment. This assures that every student gets the right costume. Once reviewed, costume invoices can be created and emailed to customers right through the system.

Customers can pay invoices online

Invoices are emailed directly through StudioWorks and include a link for customers to pay invoices online. This makes it easier for your customers to pay and also makes it easier for your staff because they won’t have to process payments manually.

Easy-to-read reports

Studio staff can quickly run reports that show which students have not paid for their costumes. From this list, you can contact students and parents with payment reminders. Staying on top of customer payments increases the likelihood that all money will be collected in plenty of time to hand out costumes before the recital.

This method, with the easy assignment of costumes by class, invoice creation, and detailed reports, will streamline recital costume planning. StudioWorks stores all records of costume purchases in the system with all other student and class information.

StudioWorks costume management module complements and enhances each studio’s individual method of handling recital costumes. StudioWorks is here to make your life easier.