Whether it’s The Nutcracker or the Rockettes, the winter holidays wouldn’t be complete without dance! 

It can feel like a thrilling madness–the costumes, the rehearsals, the makeup, the schedules! For studio owners and managers, it’s an opportunity to showcase your talented dancers and extraordinary faculty. It’s also a chance to demonstrate the value of dance and your studio to your paying parents. 

Here are just a few tips we’ve compiled to help make this recital season magical and joyous! 

1. Hire the professionals

Hire that videographer. Bring in that photographer. Get someone to design that paper program. It’s that extra little investment that demonstrates the professional nature of your studio. Additionally, it also takes something time-consuming off your plate (and don’t we all need that during the holidays!). With a solid administrative software program like StudioWorks, you can easily keep track of all those vendors and pay them effortlessly. Imagine, every detail handled with the click of a button. We’d say it’s worth it!

2. Prioritize your health

Drink water. Stretch. Sleep. These may seem impossible in the chaos of holiday recitals, but you don’t want to face recitals sick and tired. Your students and staff need you to be in your best shape–alert and ready for anything. Any and all little steps you can take to prioritize your own health will strengthen you to finish the season well. Plus, who wants to start a new year already burned out?

3. Go cashless

Do you really want to be chasing down cash or change for tickets? How about keeping tabs on all those personal checks? By integrating your credit card reader system into StudioWorks, any card payments you process for the recital will be automatically updated in your administrative software. Friends and families can purchase all the tickets they need, with no extra headache for you. 

Also, StudioWorks enables you to manage the cash flow for costume rentals, props, etc. You can keep accurate accounts of what expenses teachers are paying out of pocket and send them reimbursement payments. Trust us, your future self will thank you for doing all your accounting through one consolidated program. No tedious paper trail. No lost cash. No change. 

4. Ask for help

You’ve probably already thought about the big volunteer roles: the person to manage the DVD table, the person to sell flowers, the person organizing the dancers backstage. But remember to ask for help with the small stuff, too. Whether it’s lifting a heavy prop piece or checking off tiny tasks on your to-do list, don’t be a hero! Dance is about community, so ask for help from your faculty, administrative staff or even the parents of students. Everyone wants a successful recital; it takes a village to pull it off! 

5. Give thanks

It’s always a nice reminder to have Thanksgiving right before the winter holidays. There are so many things to be thankful for: 

  • The parents who prioritize their child’s passion and artistic discipline
  • The students who spend their childhood dancing with you
  • The faculty who exhibit such patience and dedication
  • The staff who help make everything possible
  • And you! The studio owner or manager who followed a dream and created opportunities for other dancers.

Take time to express thanks, both on and off stage, for everyone who invests in your wonderful world of dance!

6. Check your schedule twice

Organizing the schedule for a recital can be quite the brain-teaser! Especially when you have students from different classes collaborating in different numbers or students from the same family working with different call times. For your own peace of mind, you’ll want your schedule to be flawless–your recital will live or die by it. With registration software like StudioWorks, you can make quick changes, organize numbers, coordinate students, and facilitate collaboration. You can put in the length of each dance number to determine the order of the program, where to put the intermission, etc. This brain-teaser just got a lot easier!

7. Enjoy the experience!

You’ve worked hard to make this happen. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and smile. These dancers-in-training are pursuing their passion because of you and your team. It’s your presence, not perfection, that each student will remember for the rest of his or her life. This is a season of magic, joy, and hope–what better way to express that than through dance? 

How do you survive the holiday recital season? Do you have any tips you’d like to give other studio owners and managers?