Is that how you’d describe your studio?

As a person passionate about dance, you feel you ought to offer the best experience for your instructors.

As a manager, you want an effortless way to organize your staff.

And as a small business owner, you need everything to fit together seamlessly.

Being a dance studio manager or owner means you have to oversee not just the classes, but the instructors who teach those classes. You want them to enjoy working at your studio. If they teach at a few different studios, you want yours to stand out as the best place for them to work. But you also need a system that works for you and makes your life easier. 

It can be a tricky balance. With StudioWorks, you can offer the best experience for instructors and yourself.


For your instructors: The Instructor Portal

When we designed StudioWorks for dance studios, we wanted to create something that would keep up with the demands of dance instructors. We’re proud to say our Instructor Portal is dynamic and adaptive to your needs. Accessible on a phone or on a computer, your instructors can utilize the portal at any time from anywhere. 

One key feature of the Instructor Portal is that teachers can complete and upload progress reports efficiently. Preparing and communicating progress reports is vital to the dance studio process. It’s the way teachers can connect with managers and parents about the journey of each student—their strengths, weaknesses, and any future recommendations.

In the past, instructor-generated progress reports were filled out by hand. The manager had to type it up, and then make printouts for families. This time-consuming process required doubling, sometimes tripling the amount of work necessary. 

Now, teachers no longer need to wait for time to get on your studio’s computer or system—it’s all right there in the palm of their hand. They can fill out progress reports at home or on-the-go. Once the reports are completed in the secure system, the manager or owner can review and publish them with the click of a button. Then, parents can use their own portal to see the approved report on their end.

Publishing progress reports online ensures everyone is in the loop about each student’s progress. The channels of communication are kept open and professional. Whether the news is good (“Little Jessica has graduated to the next level in ballet!”) or a little disappointing (“We recommend Mia take Modern 2 again.”), everyone sees the same information on a neutral platform.

Another key feature of the Instructor Portal is the real-time web attendance, which allows teachers to take attendance right there on their phones at the beginning of class. This instant paper trail for attendance creates a line of communication between instructors and office staff, empowering them in their conversations with parents. With just a few taps on the screen, office staff can pull up the big picture of a student’s involvement, directly from the instructor’s input. They can see when a student has been chronically late for class. Or if they’ve missed several classes in a row. This also serves as a safety function for parents who drop their kids off for class. The Instructor Portal can give teachers and office staff a new level of confidence in their communication.


For you: The Independent Contractor Module

If your studio is like most, the majority of your teaching staff works on a contractor basis, coming and going as they’re needed for their classes. And you, as a manager or owner, have to keep track of all these teachers, their class schedules, and their ongoing earnings and payments due.

Since we designed our software specifically for dance studios, we added an Independent Contractor Module, just for you! With this module, you can set up your pay periods around your cash flow (monthly, biweekly, etc.). You can also quickly aggregate all the payments due to each teacher, from classes taught to costume and prop reimbursements. Both you and your instructors can check in and see upcoming payments on your secure system. No more awkward conversations about money–it’s all there in black and white.

And speaking of awkward conversations you get to avoid, with the attendance feature we mentioned above, it will be clear to everyone which classes the instructor actually taught. It’s the equivalent of “clocking in” for teachers, giving you a paper trail to determine accurate and clear payment processes. This little bit of online accountability saves you the confusion and distraction of chasing down hours, invoices, and receipts.

With the Instructor Portal and Independent Contractor Module, you can be sure that your dance studio is the best place for your instructors to work…and that it’s pretty great for you, too! 

To see what these features would look like customized to your studio, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.